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MedPro Joins General Devices Sales Effort

General Devices is excited to announce that it has joined forces with MedPro Associates, a national independent representation firm specializing in the healthcare industry.

The MedPro team of highly qualified, professional field sales representatives will work with GD’s direct sales team to promote General Devices’ products nation-wide. “We are delighted to begin working with MedPro Associates,” says General Devices’ President Curt Bashford. “Their knowledge of the medical sales industry, along with their established relationships with hospital customers, will help us reach a much broader market. With over twenty sales representatives dedicated to selling into the acute care market, MedPro is uniquely positioned to introduce our CAREpoint Workstation to a wider market base than ever before.” He goes on to say that “CAREpoint is a unique solution for hospital emergency departments. It truly is a product where ‘the whole is greater than the sum of the parts’, as it addresses all the ED needs for working with EMS – communications, documentation, information management, and now telemedicine.”

MedPro’s sales representatives will be supported by General Devices’ existing direct sales specialists and in-house support team. “MedPro is pleased and excited to enter into a partnership with General Devices,” says MedPro’s VP of Sales Rob Bergtholdt. “Their solutions bring to the hospital arena the connection lost by the distance between provider and patient in the field.”

Today’s healthcare demands doing more with less and stresses appropriate and accountable care. For patient care in the field, that translates to better decision support for determinations like transport method (ground ambulance vs. aero-medical) and destination hospital (local vs. specialty center). In some cases, like the Community Paramedicine model, it may mean non-emergency care in the field, and no transport.

Besides the improvements to day-to-day ED workflow afforded by the CAREpoint Workstation, MedPro will also represent other solutions from General Devices. These include e-Net Messenger, a secure, HIPAA compliant messaging system, and the e-Bridge mobile telemedicine system. Together with the CAREpoint Workstation, these systems leverage mobile devices like smartphones, pads and tablets, to provide the additional dimension of pictures, video and data and support this new paradigm of pre-hospital care.

Founded in 2006 by medical industry veteran Bill Sparks, and based in Idaho Springs, CO, MedPro Associates is the healthcare industry’s largest national independent sales organization, specializing in the hospital, LTC, dental and veterinary markets.

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