AnnouncementsLow-Cost 12-Lead Report Receiver

Low-Cost 12-Lead Report Receiver

The CAREpoint-FS is a low cost solution for receiving 12-Lead reports sent from Rosetta-DS. It is intended for smaller hospitals not needing a more comprehensive CAREpoint system. CAREpoint–FS is a service that is hosted by General Devices to receive 12-Lead reports and forward them to their destination by e-mail or fax.  When CAREpoint-FS is used with e-Net Messenger, you get a fast and more secure transmission, a higher level of surety of delivery, audible and visual alerts on your PC or your mobile device and report-forwarding capabilities.  Both CAREpoint-FS and e-Net Messenger provide full transmission security assured by state-of-the-art hard encryption.

There is no hardware to purchase for CAREpoint-FS, just a low annual subscription fee.

Learn more about CAREpoint-FS here


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