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Kevin Levi is welcomed as the Newest Member of GD’s Responsive Innovation Team

Date: February, 2018
Contact: Andrew Birnbaum
P: 201-313-7075
F: 201-313-5671



Ridgefield, NJ – July 2018 — GD is proud to announce and welcome Kevin Levi as a new team member on the Responsive Innovation team. Kevin will be contributing as Senior Advertiser for GD’s award-winning solutions for hospitals and Emergency Medical Services (EMS). He will be reporting to Andy Birnbaum, Director, here at the headquarters in Ridgefield, New Jersey.

Kevin B. Levi has spent his 25-year career helping businesses differentiate themselves from their competition in order to gain traction – in both independent consulting and corporate roles. The author of Differentiate or Diminish: The Art and Necessity of Business Positioning, Kevin excels in product and content strategies.

About GD
GD enables smarter patient care by empowering hospitals, EMS, community healthcare, and public safety with the most comprehensive, interactive, configurable, affordable, and integrated FDA listed medical communications and mobile telemedicine solution. The benefits of which are enhanced workflows, minimized risk, reduced costs, and improved patient outcomes. Learn more at

About GD Solutions; CAREpoint & e-Bridge
Responsive Innovations include the CAREpoint Workstation used by hospital emergency departments to manage all EMS-hospital communications on a single interoperable, easy-to-use device and e-Bridge Mobile Telemedicine, a HIPAA compliant feature-rich app that enables positive communications between EMS and hospital teams through the sharing of pictures, audio, video, and live streaming.

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