Mobile Telemedicine is Revolutionizing Acute care     Scroll down to play the podcast

These two significant trends (healthcare 2.0 and EMS 3.0) in the medical industry today are intersecting with the rise of mobile telemedicine, and the benefits can be huge for hospitals, EMS and patients. Listen to this podcast by Curt Bashford, CEO of GD, to learn about:

In this short podcast, you will learn how mobile telemedicine is enabling:

> Paramedics to live stream a patient to the hospital to see how he/she is presenting while in transit
> EMS to share video and imagery (perhaps 12-leads report, e.g.) with the hospital
> Hospitals and specialty physicians to offer teleconsultations to paramedics to advance treatment options
> Patients to stay connected to hospitals and call centers even post discharge
> Faster patient care and enhanced outcomes
> What the future of mobile telemedicine looks like