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Many responders & providers use over-the-phone interpreters, but effective human communication is based 55% on body language, 38% on tone, and only 7% on words. Video conference interpreters are worth a million words.

GD's Interpreter Services innovative offerings:

  • Easy to use. Click and choose the language
  • 200+ spoken languages
  • ASL supported
  • No set-up costs & No contracts
  • Requires No IT involvement
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Best possible audio and video quality
  • Ensures compliance with the Joint Commission language standards
  • Video-based interpretation facilitates communication since visual comprehension empowers the users

Video conference with qualified deaf or spoken interpreters in almost any language for less cost with GD e-Bridge Interpreter

GD's Interpreter Services provide flexibility and adaptability to hospital communications and information sharing, our video-based interpretation services allow your medical team to improve patient outcomes and enhance communication.

We offer interpreters that are medically-certified, over 200 spoken languages including ASL are supported, by certified subject matter experts. Our technology is HIPAA compliant, our staff of qualified interpreters is verified through an accrediting body associated with the language used. For Sign Language Interpreters this would be the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf and ASLTA or similar accrediting body.


Languages Regularly Supported
(we support over 200 languages overall}

Sign Language* l Nepali l Vietnamesel Creole* l Swahili l Kirundi l Togo l French* l Spanish* l Somali l Burmese l Chinese l Philippine l French l Gypsy l Korean* l Jewish l Farsi l Slavic l German l Vietnamese l Portuguese* l Haitian l French* l Cantonese l Mandarin* l Luhya l l Russian* l Marathi l Tai l Turkish l Vietnamese* l Sudanese l Polish l Albanian l Czech l Slovakian l Farsi l French l Hebrew l Gujarati l Hindi* l Kalenjin l Kikuyu l Laotian l Lou l Croatian l Spanish l Arabic* l Sudanese l Bosnian l Serbian


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