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How do you find a bad lead?

To save time, money and ensure the highest quality biopotential measurements, EMS and hospital teams need electrode impedance meters that identify problems early.

Easy-to-use meters that quickly identify and correct any problems make ECG, EEG and other signals straightforward, providing accurate results—the first time

Upgrade the quality of your readings with Prep-Check and Prep-Check Plus

EIM-105 Prep-Check, a handheld, 3-lead, electrode impedance meter—along with the EIM-107 Prep-Check Plus—is the leading choice for researchers, cardiac centers, sleep centers, physicians and monitor and electrode manufacturers. They support healthcare teams in lessening baseline wanders, fuzzy traces and electrode replacements by automatically checking all electrodes, confirming right away that electrodes, lead wires and cables have a proper connection.


Models for ECG (10Hz) and EEG (30Hz)

Designed to assist those applying electrodes for ECG, Holter, stress testing, EEG, EMG, Evoked Response and other biopotential measurements, the compact EIM-105 tests lead wires, electrodes and site prep. Straightforward to use with industry standard safety-DIN connections and a built-in test feature to check for proper operation, it measures the full range of electrode impedances, locates faulty electrodes and lead wires, reduces electrode replacements and ensures the best possible traces.


Models for 20/25/37/50/68 lead connectors

With both automatic and manual test modes, the EIM-107 is the most advanced Prep-Check. Features such as fully customizable lead naming, unused lead skipping, good/poor programmable limits, self-calibration, test current frequency and lead fail response mode result in improved equipment utilization and readings.


Proven success


  • Save money and time by ensuring better EEG and ECG readings the first time
  • Improve patient comfort by reducing electrode replacements
  • Reduce incidents of false heart rate alarms
  • Reduce electrode replacements
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