Bring the Hospital to the Patient with GoBox

Can you link out of hospital care with distant providers?

To save critical time, improve metrics and ensure the best possible patient outcomes, EMS need less equipment and more efficient solutions for emergency and non-emergency care.

Fast, secure mobile telehealth maximizes the resources and communication between EMS and hospitals, including an extended Wi-Fi network and live video communications, as they work to provide care.

Advance your disaster response with one box of highly configurable tools

Known for its dual internet connectivity that provides a robust Wi-Fi access point and broadband network, the GoBox is a game-changer in mobile telemedicine. It supports healthcare teams in responding to situations as diverse as events, disasters, and multi-casualty incidents to everyday EMS and community paramedicine, even where cell and internet bandwidth are low. 

The GoBox fully integrates with the all-in-one, highly configurable, e-Bridge mobile telemedicine solution. It is quick and easy to set up with connections for USB, BT and wireless devices. With these solutions, EMS is able to consult with hospital teams in the field via secure and reliable live video, and transfer data in real-time in accordance with HIPAA. 

At the same time, hospital teams can track EMS location—giving the emergency department time to prepare for patients who need hospital care—and are automatically notified of patient arrival. Recording, reports and documentation are easily accessible for legal and QI. As a result, patient handoff and time-to-treatment are more efficient, and patient outcomes are improved.

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  • Expands access to healthcare for patients in rural communities with a 1-box robust connectivity and telehealth solution
  • Saves money and time by enabling quality remote patient care that reduces unnecessary transports to the ED
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