GD e-Bridge Public Safety

Share multimedia information through a secure channel on your smartphone, tablet or PC


The Future of Public Safety communications is in Your Hands.

Never before has it been so easy to share critical communications between responders. GD  e-Bridge™ allows public safety responders to be connected on a single solution for Disaster Coordination, Scene Documentation & Mobile Telemedicine through Secure Communications.

Your job is demanding.  Imagine how e-Bridge can help do it better and faster.

With GD e-Bridge™ share encrypted and secure multi-media data with confidence and ease using your smartphone, tablet or PC. Plus, record and log data for quality assessment, training and legal documentation. GD e-Bridge™ provides fast, simple and reliable communication for police, fire, EMS, emergency management, SAR, hospitals, comm. centers and responders anywhere.  The results?  Improved decision-making.  Enhanced situational awareness.  Features that help provide better, more efficient and appropriate response.


GD e-Bridge™ solutions for:public safety secure messaging

Police, EMS, Fire, Government, Military, Security, Property management, Corporate, Retail, Construction, Sales, Education & the Services Industry



  • Scan Pedigree Credentials; ID Capture
  • Simple and advanced customizable forms
  • Canned and customizable “ready to go” instant messages
  • Customizable sound notifications
  • Scene Documentation
  • Gain real-time visibility from your teams to achieve situational awareness.
  • Training & Q/A
  • Encrypted and secure mass notification
  • Forms; custom to how your operate.
  • Simplify Reporting
  • Simple to use for everyone with an intuitive user interface
  • Notify anyone, anywhere, on any device. Communicate and collaborate with other organizations.
  • Mobile Telemedicine
  • Disaster Response Coordination
  • Mass Casualty
  • Bio/Chemical/Hazmat Events
  • Triage / Field Hospitals
  • Priority messaging, Group messaging, Delivery confirmations and Message recall
  • Decision Support
  • GEO tagging
  • CAREpoint integration
  • D-Scribe, Quick Messaging, Live Streaming & End-to-End Forms

Public Safety Secure Communication


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