InnovationsCAREpoint™ Workstation12-Cost Saving benefits with CAREpoint

12-Cost Saving benefits with CAREpoint

12-Cost Saving benefits with CAREpointmobile-telemedicine-save-money

For 30 years General Devices has been providing the EMS and emergency medicine community with innovative and cost effective siltation to its communications, documentation, information management and telemedicine needs.  With tightened budgets and increased demand for services, now more than ever, the many ways General Devices family of products will save you money & control costs is of increasing importance.  With CAREpoint, e-Bridge, consider these important ways General Devices is your best choice for saving money,  controlling costs and increasing revenues.

1   Nursing Time

The CAREpoint workstation’s unique fully integrated, “systems approach” approach to managing EMS and emergency medicine related activities in the ED will save your nurses time and save you money in many different ways.  Combine CAREpoint with Rosetta, e-Net messenger, e-Bridge, e-Tracker and the new members of General Device’s family of products now under development and you will begin to see the full spectrum of savings this will bring you:

  • Simplified, user-friendly icon-driven operation for reduced staff training.
  • One place & one screen for ALL ems-related activities – no “computer hopping”.
  • Faster & better communications with e-Bridge.
  • All EMS and emergency medicine functions are fully integrated for smoother, faster operation.

2   Reduced Equipment Duplication

Because the CAREpoint workstation’s unique design, it includes many functions that would otherwise have to be provided by separate pieces of equipment, each with initial and ongoing costs.  For example:

  • No separate logging recorder (up to $25,000).
  • Eliminate need for separate 12-Lead receiving systems.
  • Eliminate multiple desktop radio controllers, monitors and printers.
  • Eliminate multiple service contracts with multiple vendors.
  • Saves valuable desk space.

3   Improved Revenues with Improved Pre-Arrival Notifications

Pre-arrival notifications are important to your nurses, the medics and your revenue for many reasons.  In addition to the obvious advantages of reduced bed availability waiting time and trauma preparedness, it also means that medics (and their supervisors) favor those EDs that quickly get out of the ED and back on the job.  CAREpoint accomplishes this by an easily heard and recognized call alert that nurses are more apt to answer.  This is supported by CAREpoint’s easy to use non-intimidating controls.  With CAREpoint you will see an immediate improvement in these important revenue-related areas:

  • Improved communications with EMS – calls to CAREpoint get answered!
  • Improved answering capability – With CAREpoint RC the RIGHT person is always able to answer those important calls.
  • Reduced EMS bed-availability waiting time for improved relationships with EMS.
  • Improved ED preparedness for trauma, STEMI, stroke and disaster cases.
  • Improved awareness of patient condition for reduction in trauma team false alarms (unnecessary trauma and STEMI team activation and improved response when called).

4   STEMI Savings

General Devices family of products, CAREpoint and e-Bridge provide you with everything you need to get 12-lead reports where and when they are needed in the industry’s most cost-effective way.  Cross-brand compatibility and multiple communications capabilities allow you to get the most while spend the least.  Consider these important cost related CAREpoint workstation’s unique fully integrated, “systems approach”.

  • Improved 12-lead report delivery with Bridge.
  • Cross-brand compatibility eliminates the need for multiple 12-lead reporting systems.

5   Low Initial, Ongoing & Maintenance Costs

General Devices “systems approach” approach to addressing the needs of EMS and emergency medicine means lower costs from every angle – purchasing, operations, ongoing and accommodating new tasks and technologies.  Here are only some of the ways:

  • With all its important cost-saving and operational features, CAREpoint cost not much more than 1 monitor/defib!
  • The ONLY ongoing cost for CAREpoint is for service and support – and this bumper-to-bumper program is less than 5% of the purchase price and, it is optional!

6   Improved Documentation Lets your “fine tune” you ED/EMS operations (QCI)

General Devices “systems approach” and open architecture in ALL its products means built-in and comprehensive data capture (voice, data, messages, 12-lead reports, etc.) and that this data is available to you without any extra costs and available to you from any networked PC.  The result of this is that you have the key tools you need to evaluate EMS and emergency medicine activities and fine tune them for efficiency and effectiveness.

7   Reduced Equipment Downtime

Because ALL equipment will fail at some time, General Devices has taken key steps to minimize failures and costly disruptions to your operations.  With ongoing failure analysis, and service that has to be experienced to be believed, reduced downtime is yet another area that General Devices will save you money:

  • Designed-in reliability on ALL General Devices products.
  • Built-in remotely controlled diagnostics and servicing capability help restore critical functions and minimize downtime.
  • Ultra-Care service and support direct from the home office in NJ assures prompt and knowledgeable attention to your questions and needs.
  • Modular design means that most problems are corrected by the next business day.
  • Less downtime means more patients & improved revenues.

8   Reduced Staff Training

A key feature of ALL General Devices equipment is simplicity of use.  Because we understand that EMS and ED staff change and may not be available for equipment operation training, most of our products employ user-friendly, highly intuitive controls that significantly reduce or eliminate staff training time so your staff can take care of patients, not equipment.

  • User-friendly controls.
  • On-Line training aides.
  • Built-in training and teaching aides.

9   Avoidance of Obsolescence

Avoidance of obsolesce is a key design feature of ALL General Devices products.  An example of this can be seen in the CAREpoint workstation’s modular design whereby key elements are improved and new features are added on an ongoing basis.  This is particularly important in this time of rapidly evolving communications, information management technologies and new and better ways of providing patient care.

  • Ongoing product development means continual upgrades and new features.
  • Modular design and “building block” products addresses changes in technology allowing hardware upgrades rather than equipment replacement.
  • History of long life cycle for products (We still have MANY 15+ year old CAREpoint consoles in service).

10  Configurable Systems to Fit Your Needs & Your Budget

Because General Devices recognizes that all EMS and ED systems are different, our equipment and systems are designed as “building blocks”, that can be arrange to fit virtually every need and budget.  And if your needs change, your system can be reconfigured, NOT REPLACED for less cost, less disruption to operations and less training.

  • General Devices addresses the needs of both large and small system.
  • System configurability means that you pay for only what you need.
  • Building block design approach means that our products are interoperable with one another to extend the capability of each.
  • Save money by reconfiguring rather than replacing when your needs change.

11  Product Support

In addition to the cost of equipment problems and failures, the nature of emergency medicine means that when you have a problem, you have to get it fixed FAST!!!!  We address this with a highly training service and support staff available 24/7 by phone with NO voice mail during normal business hours.  Whether you need help getting a problem fixed or just have a question, we will be there to work with you.

  • Highly affordable Ultra-Care support plan with highly trained and experienced service and support personnel.
  • 24/7 service and support coverage.
  • Next day parts replacement (in most cases).
  • NO VOICE MAIL – when you call General Devices, you get to speak with a person, not a machine!

12  Telemedicine Ready

Because EMS and emergency medicine is rapidly entering the age of telemedicine, every CAREpoint workstation has been designed from the ground up as a telemedicine platform.  Whether mobile or interfacility, if you already own a CAREpoint, you have most of what is needed to implement this important new technology and NO ONE has more experience in mobile telemedicine than General Devices, with 30 years of experience and operational systems already in place.

  • General Devices has a family of products to give you cost effective, proven solutions to get you going in telemedicine.
  • 30+ year experience in cost effective telemedicine – no one has more than General Devices!!

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