GD CAREpoint™ Workstation

(All-in-One Workstation Connecting ED-EMS)

OMG! We can play the radio call back right after the call


WOW! We can answer or share the radio call from anywhere in the hospital


What would you do with an extra 10-hours per week?

What started off as a radio recorder and interface for EMS and ED's is now the industry’s most comprehensive hospital and pre-hospital communication, notification and documentation solution, the GD CAREpoint offers interactive mobile telemedicine, call management, recording, data sharing, patient vitals reporting, medical team notification and tracking, time-stamping and more.

The GD CAREpoint Workstation is used today in more hospitals around the country than any other pre-hospital mobile telemedicine, communication or notification system.

With the GD CAREpoint, your medical team can easily and automatically time-stamp and record all incoming EMS radio, phone calls, messages, and information into a single workstation or portal which can be accessed onsite and remotely. This powerful tool enables you to dramatically improve team communication, workflow, and patient care while minimizing communication breakdowns, risk, and even costs.

Connecting Medical Teams & EMS

  • Your ED team and any necessary specialty physicians will receive instant notification of an incoming patient, enabling them to prepare for his/her arrival. All related patient data, 12-leads, and voice and video recordings are immediately accessible upon notification.
  • Your medical staff and EMS organizations with being empowered with audio and video streaming, electronic data transfer of patient vitals and diagnostic data, automatic medical team notification of patient arrival, remote answering of radio and telephone calls, recreation and replay of entire cases, and so much more.
  • Your physicians will be able to provide real-time, video-based online medical direction and control to medics while they are in the field.

Improving Care

  • All online patient documentation is centrally stored and shared with all relevant medical team members precisely when they need it. No more waiting around for critical diagnostic data.
  • All vitals and 12-lead data is instantly accessible to nurses and doctors. This eliminates the need for repeat readings upon patient handoff, which speeds and smooths the process.
  • Supervisors can monitor live communications between nurses and EMS to track, and subsequently improve, workflow.

Mitigating Risk / Improving Compliance

  • You can easily and centrally capture, store and access/replay all patient vitals, diagnostic information and interaction audio and video for a full picture of each case as it occurred to help resolve any disputes that may arise.
  • You can save all your 12-lead forms electronically on your local network and access them whenever you need to. There is no need to physically archive paper copies of any forms in order to maintain regulatory compliance.
  • GD CAREpoint helps your nurses, doctors and specialty physicians increase data accuracy and minimize error with real-time online data capture, automated notifications to team members, and centralized storage and recall of all data (including audio recording) associated with a case.

Reducing Cost / Increasing Efficiency

  • Since nurses are no longer tied to the nursing station to cover incoming EMS calls, your ED will save money by reducing your staffing levels.
  • Supervisors can monitor live communications between nurses and EMS to track, and subsequently improve, workflow.
  • GD CAREpoint helps reduce false STEMI or ECG lab activations which can cost your hospital thousands of dollars in payroll and sterile supplies opened.


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