We understand you may not have the budget, however, we will help you locate potential Hospitals and EMS Grants.

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GD’s communication, notification, documentation, and mobile telemedicine solutions can help your facility dramatically improve patient outcomes, reduce costs and mitigate risk. We understand you may not have the budget, however. We will help you locate potential Hospitals and EMS Grants.


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Hospitals and EMS Grants

Request Grant Support to Purchase GD’s Solutions

These Hospitals and EMS Grants will all offer funding support for solutions such as ours.

While GD CAREpoint and e-Bridge is quite affordable (especially when you consider other companies offerings hidden costs), we do understand you sometimes do not have the budget to employ our solutions – plainly and simply. This is why we have a rigorous and comprehensive Grant Advocacy Procurement Program (GAPP) supported by GD financial specialists, which researches viable government grants on your behalf to augment the cost of our products. These grants span the state or federal level, and we have deep expertise in identifying those that pertain to medical organizations. These grants all offer financial support in the areas of healthcare and emergency medicine, thereby covering our CAREpoint and e-Bridge products. We have found that many funded programs are listed under the guise of a range of topics (although they do offer the funding support you’ll need) spanning areas such as:

Emergency Medicine l EMS & Trauma Emergency l Rural Healthcare l Advancing Wellness l Physician Incentive l Health and Family  l Consumer Health Advocacy  l Community-Centered Health Planning l Comprehensive Primary Care l Health Non-profits

We provide all of the details, links, amounts, and contacts you need to easily and quickly submit the application(s) to secure your funding.

Let us help you find the funding you need to procure and employ GD’s solutions so you can begin enhancing workflows, improving communication, reducing costs, boosting productivity and improving patient outcomes.