Mobile Telemedicine that is HIPAA Secure..  GD’s e-bridge app is compliant to the HIPAA Security Rule (45 CFR 160, and Subparts A and C of 164), and the HITECH Act of 2009

GD consistently works very hard to offer the highest level of HIPAA compliance and security with e-Bridge. In fact, e-Bridge has many integrated Administrative, Physical and Technical Safeguards built right in to the application.

With e-Bridge, all of your communications and data sharing between and among EMS and hospital teams is secure. This includes any exchange or transmission of written data, pictures, audio, video, and even live streaming video.

Your HIPAA protection includes:

  • Auto-Wipe: All patient-related data is auto-wiped from all field devices; and messages can be configured to auto delete in as little as 60 seconds.
  • AES Encryption: All patient and other information captured by the paramedic on his/her mobile device is AES encrypted while sitting in the app and while being transmitted
  • HL7 Compliance: All data collected and stored is exportable and can be brought into other systems via Health Level 7 (HL7)  (e.g. EPCR, EHR, and EMR)
  • Closed Network: Messages cannot be moved out of e-Bridge via email, text or uploading to social media; and the e-Bridge administrator can limit who can send messages to whom thus preserving the chain of custody of patient information.
  • Secure Media Capture: No data or media is accessible by the photo gallery or any other apps as it is all stored within the e-Bridge app and auto-wiped according to the scheduled setting.
  • Password-Protected: The app can be password protected and require a secure login each time it is opened to prevent unauthorized use.
  • Secure Report Sharing: Any exchanging or sharing of 12-lead reports with other team members or even other hospitals and EMS providers is HIPAA secure.

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