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General Devices Announces Interoperability

General Devices, Ridgefield NJ, today announced it will enhance its Rosetta communications interfaces and CAREpoint EMS Workstation by making them interoperable with the Philips HeartStart MRx monitor/defibrillator. These capabilities are made possible by a recent agreement between the two companies.

Interoperability between these systems will enable paramedics to send 12-lead ECGs and other physiologic information from the HeartStart MRx, over analog and digital radios as well as cell phones, directly to General Devices’ Rosetta Rx Receiving Station or CAREpoint EMS Workstation. Using the Rosetta-Lt communications interface, a 12-lead ECG can be sent in about 1 minute over a standard 2-way radio. Once received by the CAREpoint EMS Workstation, ECGs and other data is presented on a large display, automatically archived into the call log, and available for printout or subsequent forwarding to a cath lab, cardiology or physician’s office. These same capabilities will be incorporated in the e-Bridge EMS Telemedicine system under development at General Devices.

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