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GD Welcomes Weining Zou as the newest member of our Responsive Innovation team

Date: July 1, 2017
Contact: Andrew Birnbaum
P: 201-313-7075
F: 201-313-5671

GD Welcomes Weining Zou as the newest member of our Responsive Innovation team

Ridgefield, NJ – July, 2017 —  GD is proud to announce and welcome Weining Zou as a new team member on the GD Responsive Innovation team.  Weining will be contributing as an intern to software development for GD’s award winning solutions for hospitals and emergency medical services.

Weining is coming from the University of California with a Master of Science concentrating in Electrical Engineering. Weinging has years of experience and proficiency in multiple programming languages with success in development projects ranging from user testing tools, magnetic field testers, smart board hardware/software design, navigation tools, gaming and more. Weinings’ focus is on embedded systems and software development.

According to Bin Zhu, GD’s VP of Software Development, “This position will fulfill his, ours, and our clients’ goals.” “Weining will be a great fit with our culture and core values, and we look forward to growing together” added Greg Lowe, GD’s CTO.

About GD (General Devices)

Based in Ridgefield, NJ, GD is a medical device and technology solution company. Its Core Purpose is to improve the health and wellbeing of the public at large by providing Responsive Innovation for public safety responders and health care providers. For more than three decades, GD has been the leader in EMS-hospital communications and mobile telemedicine systems, connecting care providers nationwide and handling over 10,000 calls daily.

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