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Banner – University Medical Center South Chooses GD to Implement a Secure Communication System



Date: February, 2018
Contact: Andrew Birnbaum
Phone: 201-313-7075
Fax: 201-313-5671


GD [General Devices] was chosen in February 2018 to implement the secure communication system at Banner – University Medical Center South


Tucson, AZ (February 13, 2018) — [Banner- University Medical Center South] joins the family of more than 800 hospital and EMS communication system implementations by GD.  Managing patient care in the emergency department is complex.  Integrating prehospital care and critical services like trauma, cardiology and neurology magnifies it.  This is where your Responsive Innovation from GD makes a difference.  GD’s CAREpoint & e-Bridge improves patient care while reducing costs through process improvement by managing all EMS related activities in one powerful workstation, and delivering a strong multifaceted Return on Investment.  The Arizona based hospital and local EMS network have taken the initiative in enhancing patient healthcare with implementing a new CAREpoint workstation.  Some of the benefits Banner – University Medical Center will realize are;

  • Reducing door-to-treatment times for Stroke, STEMI, and Trauma
  • Providing advanced notifications to remote Cardio, Neuro, and Trauma teams
  • Simplifying and unifying reception, distribution, and documentation of prehospital ECGs to the entire team.
  • Integrating mobile telemedicine with secure multi-media messaging, tracking, data sharing, and live streaming video
  • Improving EMS call handling with consolidated equipment, simultaneous call management, instant recall, and remote control call answering
  • Improved CQI, and documentation with digital voice and data logging, custom forms and reporting tools, and instant ­recall


About Banner Health:

It’s so important to have partners who will give you peace of mind. That’s why Banner Health’s mission is: making health care easier, so life can be better. We come through for you whether you’re in the hospital, on our mobile web site, in a Banner clinic, on the phone or helping you use your health plan to the fullest. At all stages in life, you can rest assured that Banner will meet your health and medical needs through compassionate professionals and outstanding service.

Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. Banner Health is one of the largest, nonprofit health care systems in the country and the leading nonprofit provider of hospital services in all the communities we serve. Our Western Region facilities serve a number of rural areas — many are the only inpatient facilities available within the community.

In February 2015, Banner Health merged with the University of Arizona Health Network in Tucson, Arizona, to form Banner – University Medicine. At the heart of this merger is academic medicine – research, teaching and patient care – across three academic medical centers.


About GD Solutions; CAREpoint & e-Bridge

Responsive Innovations include the CAREpoint Workstation used by hospital emergency departments to manage all EMS-hospital communications on a single interoperable, easy-to-use device and e-Bridge Mobile Telemedicine apps, which enable the sharing of real-time, HIPAA-compliant multi-media messaging – voice, text, pictures, video clips and live video as well as data from connected devices such as NIBP, SP02, weight, ultrasound, and more from smartphones, tablets and PCs for consults between EMS, mobile integrated health-community paramedicine, hospitals and public safety entities for better patient care.

About GD

Based in Ridgefield NJ, GD is a medical device and technology company.  Its Core Purpose is to improve the health and wellbeing of the public at large, by providing Responsive Innovation for public safety responders and health care providers.  For more than three-decades, GD continues to be the leader in EMS-hospital communications and mobile telemedicine systems, connecting care providers nationwide and handling thousands of calls daily.

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