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First Operational EMS Telemedicine System in Country

General Devices new e-Bridge™ system will be used in what will soon be the first operational EMS telemedicine system in country, Tucson Arizona’s ER-Link system. The e-Bridge™ system, with the CAREpoint™ EMS Workstation on the hospital side, and the Rosetta-VC™ in the ambulance, is expected to become operational later this year. It will manage the sending of still and video images and physiologic monitoring information from Tucson Fire Department ambulances to University Medical Center over a Tropos broadband mesh communications system covering 100 sq. miles. Other features, such as ultrasound scans, other data, and the ability to work on other communications means, will be added later. The e-Bridge™ system’s objective is to provide hospital-based physicians with the ability to more fully assess a patient’s condition prior to arrival at the hospital, assist the paramedics when necessary, and help make advanced preparations so the patient can be immediately treated upon arrival. The project is headed by Dr. Rifat Latifi, Professor of Surgery. Dr. Latifi is a recognized expert in telemedicine and Telepresence.

Contact Information:

Curt Bashford
Vice President
201-313-075, 201-313-5671 (fax)

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