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Not All Calls Are Emergencies

30% of patients following a 911 call don't need to go to the emergency department (ED). In turn, EMS could be responding to higher-acuity cases. Fire-EMS need a simple solution that will reduce unnecessary transports to the ED and help determine what cases are emergencies.

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Avoid those "just in case" visits

Now, Fire-EMS teams can provide exceptional fire protection and emergency medical services through a metric driven and technologically sophisticated mobile telemedicine solution. The GD e-Bridge mobile telemedicine solution reduces time to treatment and unnecessary ED transports, giving Fire-EMS one simply powerful and feature-rich app for all protocols, team communications and case management.

This solution connects EMS to ED physicians through shared HIPAA-secure voice, alert notifications, text, photos, vitals, monitor data, tracking, and streamline video. ED physicians can then make a diagnosis by analyzing the shared information without transporting the patient to the ED, avoiding those "just in case" visits. Learn more about GD e-Bridge here.


The Fire Department of New York (FDNY) EMS Utilizes GD e-Bridge™ for Electrocardiogram (ECG) Transmissions (read blog)


fdny e-Bridge Mobile Telemedicine

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