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FDNY orders Rosetta-Lt for STEMI program

New York City Fire Department EMS (FDNY/EMS) has selected Rosetta-Lt 12-Lead data translators and CAREpoint EMS Workstations from General Devices for its new STEMI program.  The Rosettas will allow FDNY medics to transmit 12-Lead ECG reports from its fleet of Physio-Control Lifepak 12 Monitors over the department’s UHF MED radio system to its Woodside NY “Telemetry” Call Center.  This call center handles on-line medical control for the 5 boroughs of the city.  The 12-Lead reports will be received on CAREpoint EMS Workstations, already in use for day-to-day activities at the Telemetry Call Center.  CAREpoint’s fax-forwarding feature allows the doctors to instantly send an electronic copy of the 12-Lead report to the receiving hospital.  The Rosetta-Lt and CAREpoint system will give FDNY the ability to send 12-Lead reports without the recurring costs associated with cellular phones’ voice/data plans.  Moving forward, the combination of CAREpoint and Rosetta gives FDNY added flexibility in selecting a new monitor, as the system is compatible with Physio, ZOLL and Philips models.

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