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ER-Link makes the news: ER-Link was featured on Tucson’s Channel 12

City of Tucson Channel 12 has posted a video interview with Dr. Latifi, officials of the City of Tucson, and City Fire Department personnel. You may view this video by clicking the link below. David Ridings, Assistant Chief, Tucson Fire Department, reports that the Phase I system testing for Tucson’s ER-Link has now been completed and states that he is “pleased to report that the EMS Telemedicine system performed flawlessly. The video and audio were of excellent quality and the transmission of data was effortless. We truly believe the advent of modern fire-based EMS service is upon us, and that technologies such as wireless live streaming video and data will be at the forefront of our advancement.” ER-Link uses General Devices new e-Bridge EMS Telemedicine System and is the first of its kind in the country.

Click on the link below to see the future of EMS.

Windows Media: View ER-Link Broadcast Video (High Resolution)
Windows Media: View ER-Link Broadcast Video (Low Resolution)

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