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Enhanced Interoperability between General Devices and Physio-Control 12-Lead Products

As announced at the 2009 JEMS EMS Today conference in Baltimore, General Devices and Physio-Control Inc.are developing new features to enhance interoperability between LIFENET, Rosetta and CAREpoint .

When released, this new capability will allow prehospital 12-Lead reports acquired from Physio-Control LIFEPAK 12 & LIFEPAK 15 monitors and transmitted via General Devices’ Rosetta-Lt over radio or cell phones to a General Devices’ CAREpoint EMS Workstation, to be automatically forwarded to the Physio-Control LIFENET System as a PDF for subsequent management.  By providing a wider array of transmission and information management options, the benefits to hospitals and EMS include improved capabilities for sending, receiving and managing critical field monitoring information as well as being able to use their systems of choice.  These enhanced capabilities will be of particular importance to STEMI programs relying on the equipment provided by both manufacturers.

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