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EMS Technology – On the Edge of Tomorrow

An EMS Magazine Online Exclusive
Posted: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM EDT
By Michael Smith & David Ridings
EMS Magazine Contributors

With the certainty of gravity, the use of broadband wireless communication, high-speed data
transmission and video imaging are currently available technologies that should be strongly considered by the Emergency Medical Service agencies of today for the applications of tomorrow. Rather than waiting for impending issues to overwhelm available resources, EMS entities must come to grips with how the pre-hospital industry will manage these newer technologies, putting them to use to improve service delivery in more cost-effective and efficient ways.

To illustrate this point, rather than discuss a broad range of technology-related topics, this article will restrict its focus to one important issue — reducing the number of “unnecessary” or non-essential EMS transports. We will review the reasons why this is such an important issue, the obstacles and risks associated with remedying it, and a depiction of how technology may be used as part of the solution. Because we are exploring a new approach to an old problem, we will keep the focus more on the conceptual, rather than the details of actual implementation. We ask the reader to keep an open mind.

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