The ED Charge Nurse has two main duties: patient care and administrative tasks. He/she performs triage on incoming patients, determines the severity of the injury or illness, stabilizes the patients and determines the next cause of action for the patient.

Along with caring for patients, the charge nurse oversees the entire department and makes sure all medical personnel work together to provide the best care. This person manages the available resources within the ED (such as personnel and supplies) and distributes them as needed.

To effectively execute their duties from minute to minute, the charge nurse needs timely and accurate information on available staff, beds, equipment and the status and ETA of incoming patients. This enables the charge nurse to prepare and anticipate the ambulance’s arrival.

GD puts these capabilities, and so much more, into the hands of ED charge nurses. They are empowered with real-time patient, diagnostic and treatment data from the paramedic; and they can track the ambulance down to the second via geo-mapping on their mobile device.

ED Charge Nurse Role


  • Oversees the entire ED
  • Ensure all ED staff work together optimally
  • Ensure compliance among ED staff
  • Triage incoming patients
  • Prepare resources and staff for patient arrival

GD Value

  • Send instant messages to all nursing staff and doctors to streamline communication
  • Trigger workflows and send team notifications with a single click on your mobile device. Nurses and doctors receive all data and communication associated with the incoming patient including their ETA.
  • Recreate any past incident/case to assess compliance adherence; auto-wipe all field data to protect patient privacy and ensure HIPAA compliance.
  • Patient vitals and other data is already shared with you via mobile device (from EMS). This speeds the patient handoff process and minimizes the chance of any data communication mishaps during handoff.
  • ETA tracking, workflow automation and one-click team notifications enable the entire ED and even specialty physicians to get things ready before the patient arrives in order to accelerate door to needle time.

Additional Benefits

  • Nurses can perform their duties more smoothly and productively
  • EMS patient handoff process will be improved
  • Nurses will be able to answer incoming EMS calls more promptly
  • Nurses will receive alerts on the status, condition and ETA of incoming acute care patients.
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