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e-Net Messenger: Weathering the Storm(s)

e-Net Messenger was a key player in disaster communications during last summer’s hurricane on the Gulf Coast…and again two months later when Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast.

When natural disaster strikes, fast and robust communication is critical for effective disaster management. e-Net Messenger, the secure, HIPAA-compliant messaging system from General Devices, rose to the challenge late last August when Hurricane Isaac landed on the Gulf Coast. EMS teams were able to communicate with local hospitals and each other via cell phones, tablets or PCs.

According to Chad Guillot, EMS Director for the City/Parish of Baton Rouge, “e-Net Messenger made it easy for our ambulances to stay in touch. We used e-Net Messenger to send group notifications of road closures and hospital status reports.” He adds, “And we were assured that our messages were being received and read.”

Two months later Hurricane Sandy pummeled the East Coast. Located in Ridgefield, NJ, the General Devices home office was part of the hard-hit greater metropolitan New York area. “We were able to use our own product to facilitate communication with our team during that critical period,” says GD Director of Operations, James Nejmeh. “We already use e-Net Messenger on a daily basis to facilitate communications with our Customer Support team. But having a tool like that available to us during Hurricane Sandy was invaluable.”

The ability to send messages with text, voice, pictures or video clips from mobile devices or a PC securely, robustly and fast can be invaluable in a disaster. To learn more about e-Net Messenger and its secure messaging for day-to-day and disaster use EMS and Public Safety, visit

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