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e-Net Messenger Changes Perceptions of EMS in Lynchburg, VA

After only several months of active use, the e-Net Messenger system from General Devices has had a significant impact on the daily operations of EMS services in Lynchburg, VA. “Not only does e-Net Messenger improve patient care,” says Acting EMS Battalion Chief Heather Childress, “it also changes the perception of what EMS can do. It shows that we are not just ambulance drivers.”

e-Net Messenger is a secure, HIPAA-secure messaging system designed for public safety use. Using a CAREpoint Workstation, any standard PC, or a mobile device such as an iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone or tablet, users can send or receive voice, text, data or multimedia messages. It offers speed, security and functionality that traditional e-mail and SMS simply cannot provide.

Lynchburg EMS originally purchased e-Net Messenger to allow EMS teams provide videos of stroke victims to physicians in the receiving hospital (Lynchburg General). The feedback on this front has been enthusiastic all around. EMS teams are pleased by e-Net Messenger’s ease of use and hospital staff are impressed by the quality of the videos and how they speed appropriate treatment delivery. Response to the system has been so positive that they are currently seeking funds to implement e-Net Messenger on a district-wide basis.

Once e-Net Messenger was up and running, Lynchburg EMS quickly identified other uses forthe system as well. They currently use e-Net Messenger to transmit photos of trauma scenes to document mechanism of injury, and as a backup system to transmit 12-lead reports of cardiac patients. “And most recently,” says Childress, “we are beginning to use it to transmit photos of domestic scenes to Child or Adult Protective Services (CPS/APS).” She concludes, “Like many communities, EMS is looking to develop Mobile Integrated Health and Community Paramedicine programs. As these programs evolve, e-Net Messenger will figure prominently in them.” Plans are already in the works to extend the use of e-Net Messenger to the entire council region.

Among its many uses, e-Net Messenger is a low cost mobile telemedicine system allowing EMS to leverage today’s technology to better communicate with the hospital and physician teams. We are happy to see how successful e-Net Messenger has been for Lynchburg EMS. Learn more about what it can do for YOUR organization. Contact us today for more information or to request a free trial.

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