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e-Bridge featured at Arizona’s SATCOM Conference

A live demonstration of Tucson Fire Department’s new ER-Link EMS Telemedicine system was presented to the attendees at Southern Arizona’s SATCOM meeting in July. Dr. Rifat Latifi delivered a presentation describing the first of its kind system that will be completed later this year. Dave Ridings, Asst. Chief of Tucson Fire/EMS and the Project Manager for the telemedicine project followed this talk with a live demonstration.

Using one of the Tucson Fire/EMS ambulances that had recently been equipped with General Devices’ new e-Bridge EMS Telemedicine system, two-way video images and voice as well as 12-lead ECGs and other physiologic information were sent from the ambulance to the conference hall by means of a Tropos mesh communications system.

As can be seen in the photographs of the event, the patient in the ambulance was clearly visible to those in the “hospital”, as was real-time physiologic information. Using a remotely controlled pan-tilt-zoom camera inside the ambulance, the physician was able to easily visualize the patient, and was able to observe fine details. The patient was able to both see and speak with the distant physician. The wide bandwidth of the system, which will eventually cover a 100+ sq mile region, was able to communicate flawless, clear images, data and voice from the ambulance as it roamed the perimeter of the convention hall. “Wow! You can see his pupils” was one of the many comments the system received from those that saw it.

For more information contact:

General Devices: Curt Bashford, Vice President, 201-313-7075,
City of Tucson Fire/EMS: Dave Ridings, Asst. Chief,

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