D-Scribe ems reportsAccess to the right patient information at the right time can mean the difference between life and death. D-Scribe empowers medical teams with remote and centralized access to all pre-hospital and hospital communication and reports, right from the CAREpoint workstation or remotely via computer. Think about how powerful this would be when a remote specialist is needed.

D-Scribe automatically records and organizes all call activity – voice and data, and you can easily and instantly export calls for risk management, training or legal purposes. What’s more, you can also build custom reports on any metrics.


GD D-Scribe (ED Workstation)

GD D-Scribe X (Mobile Telemedicine)




D-Scribe records and reports on all the radio and phone calls that come into the ED along with recording 12-lead data, forms, chart data, faxes, e-mails and more critical for the modern EMS, pre-hospital, and acute care teams.

ems hospital communications

This information and audio is accessible both locally at the CAREpoint Workstation as well as remotely, using any networked computer.   With every form you create you have the power to mine, report, and export the data into patients EMR or another application via HL7

Reports for CQI can be filtered based on any data or call combination. This is great for department efficiency, scheduling or training.  These reports find trends on missed calls, busy times, stroke & stemis, patient refusals, unannounced EMS arrivals, ensuring compliance, door to treatment time reviews, CQI accuracy, etc.  You can query the database by almost any metrics.

“Patient, EMS, and Hospital information at a glance – That’s D-Scribe!”
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