COVID-19 pandemic Telehealth

GD e-Bridge Mobile Telemedicine & Telehealth

Protecting frontline EMS & hospital healthcare providers

Resources are stretched thin and COVID-19 exposure can quarantine a crew, entire department or worse.  Trust in GD’s telehealth experience to aid your patient management and to help protect those that care.


GD is offering new low & no-cost Telehealth Solutions for EMS-Hospitals-Physicians-Patients1

GD e-Bridge Telehealth

COVID-19 Telehealth Features:

• Live video conferencing with remote providers
• Direct-to-patient telehealth
• COVID-19 screening form
• Recording and data storage
• HIPAA-secure
• FirstNet Listed
• Configurable Team communications
• D-Scribe QA and data management
• Easy deployment and use
• Built on proven GD e-Bridge mobile telemedicine


Manage Patients at a Distance

On-Demand Telehealth as Simple as Sending a Text

As an extension to our industry leading GD-e-Bridge mobile telemedicine solution for EMS and hospitals, GD is now offering a new simple to use, direct-to-patient telehealth solution for EMS, Hospitals and Physicians for COVID-19 management, to help protect those that care.


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