physician burnout
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Relieving ED Physician Burnout

What is Considered ED Physician Burnout? Reports show physician burnout is on the rise year after year. A burnout is a long-term stress reaction marked by emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and a lack of ...

40 years gd
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GD Celebrates 40-Years of Helping Those Who Help Others

Dear Reader, This year, GD (General Devices) celebrates its 40th year in business.  Considering that the stats show two thirds of new businesses last two years and about only half last five, I couldn’t be more ...

Dignity Health Arizona General
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Arizona General Hospital Chooses GD to Implement a Secure Communication System

[Mesa, AZ – January 8th, 2019] GD is pleased to announce the installation of the GD CAREpoint Workstation in Arizona General Hospital. The Arizona based hospital has taken the steps to improve patient care and ...

fdny e-Bridge Mobile Telemedicine
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The Fire Department of New York (FDNY) EMS Utilizes General Devices (GD) e-Bridge™ Mobile Telemedicine for Electrocardiogram (ECG) Transmissions

Ridgefield, New Jersey (November 28, 2018) – General Devices (GD) is pleased to announce the selection of e-Bridge ™ Mobile Telemedicine for Electrocardiogram (ECG) Transmissions by the Fire Department of New Y...

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Mobile Telemedicine and the Effects on Patients and Caregivers: Grace’s Story

Mobile Telemedicine provides countless benefits not only to patients yet to both first responders and medical facilities. It maximizes time, saves money and shrinks margin for error; with an average patient cos...

Patient Transfer EMTALA
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Hospital Patient Transfers with Optional Protocols!

Patient Transfers are business. Serious business for all patients involved; transferring hospitals, transport service, agent and – the patient. They hold the balance to patient care, place and time plus the bus...

Opioid Crisis
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The Opioid Epidemic Deserves More Than a Single-Pronged Approach

In 2016, nearly 64,000 Americans under the age of 50, died as a result of the Opioid epidemic. This is a 540% rise in just three years. This epidemic has become one of the leading causes of death over guns and ...

ZOLL Guest Blogging Image
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Change How You Communicate with Hospitals & Healthcare Providers

One of the most significant and dangerous gaps in patient care is between EMS providers and emergency departments. The antiquated approach of EMS sharing patient health information (PHI) via radio or hard copy ...

Work flow Critical Care
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GD’s Workflow Streamlines Critical Care Procedures

Critical care demands precision and accuracy- The newest solution e-Bridge Workflow, provides just that. Workflow gives first responders the tools they need to treat patients en route while giving the waiting E...

Curt Image
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Interview with Curt Bashford, CEO of General Devices (GD) on Telemedicine

by Tamara Williams, April 20, 2018   Curt Bashford CEO  General Devices (GD) Health IT Connections member Curt Bashford shares some insights with us on the telemedicine market. The projected $34B global teleme...