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EMS Communication

EMS Communications for Emergency Teams during COVID-19

EMS Communications for Emergency Teams during COVID-19 This year’s COVID-19 Pandemic lead to EMS facing the most difficult work environment of their careers, requiring enhanced communications between teams. One Westchester County, New York, paramedic saw 11 patients during her shift on April 1, and nine of those patients were likely sick with COVID-19, according to…

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Video Remote Medical Interpreters

Why Medical Interpreters are Important in Patient Care

Why Medical Interpreters are Important in Patient Care The United States is becoming even more diverse with the languages we speak. Today, more than 25 million Americans speak poor English, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. This effect is felt especially in healthcare, where communication and language comprehension can directly affect patient safety and satisfaction,…

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Cardiologist Benefits from Telehealth

Cardiologist Benefits from GD Telehealth Solutions Cardiologists are responsible for what happens in the Cardiac department of the Hospital. This includes making decisions for their teams such as Whether to activate the CATH lab for a patient or not What patient should remain in the cardiac unit What patient can be discharged Determine whether a…

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IT Department Benefits from Telehealth Solutions

IT Department Benefits from GD Telehealth Solutions The IT Team is responsible for keeping it all safe, secure, and up and running, 24/7 – Between  handling the technical aspects of managing patient information flow and protecting patient data; or mitigating data loss risk. Healthcare IT Departments need a platform that is not only safe and…

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Chief Officers Benefits from Telehealth

Chief Officers Benefits from GD Telehealth Solutions Hospital Chief Officers (CXO) are responsible for ensuring that every component of the hospital is efficient. Ensuring quality patient care and satisfaction Setting the standard for operational excellence in performance Implementing and continuously improving clinical procedures and policies Safeguarding adherence to local, state and federal regulations Delivering a…

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Who Really Benefits from Telehealth?

In short, everyone benefits from telehealth solutions. To be more specific, let’s focus on a certain economic, geographic and societal area that has been making major headway with telehealth advancements– the healthcare industry. Emergency Director: Focusing on process improvement has never been simpler, or more efficient with technology that allows you to create configurable workflows…

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The Patient Handoff: A Critical Moment in Healthcare

The Patient Handoff: A Critical Moment in Healthcare Patient handoffs continue to present challenges and risks to hospitals. According to the Joint Commission Center for Transforming Healthcare, “An estimated 80% of serious medical errors involve miscommunication between caregivers when patients are transferred or handed-off”. For patients brought to the hospital by emergency service responders, care…

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Telehealth and Disaster-Response

Our current reality is one of necessary preparedness. The world is quite an unpredictable place. Large-scale disasters are very real, very possible and very daunting to address- but we are nevertheless faced with the challenge of being ever-prepared for whatever may occur, whenever it may happen. Telehealth provides many one-on-one benefits to both patients and…

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