Thank you for being part of the GD and CAREpoint family!  This is regarding support of CAREpoint v1.0. Please review and let us know if you have any questions.

1.) CAREpoint v1.0 End of Remote Access Support:      Effective October 2016

Citrix Go To Assist no longer supports Windows XP.  As GD relied on Go To Assist for remote access support, we can no longer perform this important feature to aid in supporting CAREpoint v1.0 systems.  We can still provide telephone assistance at this time but we can no longer remotely access your CAREpoint v1.0 unit for diagnostics.  Our goal is always to provide the best support possible, however the inability to perform remote access means that resolving issues will likely be more time consuming for your support personnel as well as ours.
As a reminder, CAREpoint v1.0 is based on the obsolete Windows XP operating system which is no longer supported by Microsoft.  It is strongly recommended that you upgrade your unit to the current model – CAREpoint v2.0.  Contact your local Sales Rep or our Support Team directly for more information.

Link to the Citrix Notice
Link to the Windows XP Notice

2.) CAREpoint v1.0 End of UltraCARE Support Plans:    Effective December 2017

As CAREpoint v1.0 has been approaching the end of its useful life, replacement parts have limited availability and remote access support is no longer available; Annual UltraCARE support plans will no longer be offered for coverage on CAREpoint v1.0 beyond calendar year 2017.  Once existing plans expire, all technical support will be billed at a standard time & material rates and a PO will be required prior to work beginning.  We regret any inconvenience this may cause you, however, the value of an inclusive support plan will no longer be able to be fulfilled to the standard we demand and you expect.

What does this mean?

It means that if you have not already, you should seriously consider taking action to replace your CAREpoint with the current model.  We recommend you confer with your IT department for their input as well, as CAREpoint v1.0 is no longer receiving OS security updates, possibly leaving your unit or network vulnerable.

As a reminder, CAREpoint v1.0 is based on the obsolete Windows XP operating system which is no longer supported by Microsoft.  It is strongly recommended that you upgrade your unit to the current model – CAREpoint v2.0.  Contact your local Sales Rep or our Support Team directly for more information.
There are significant upgrades to CAREpoint v2.0 and our sales team would be happy to provide you with a quotation for replacing your CAREpoint.  Some of the key CAREpoint v2.0 features and benefits include:

  • Remote Control and remote answering from a mobile device while away from the CAREpoint
  • Instant Recall for fast review or exporting and sharing with medical teams or specialists
  • Integrated Mobile-Telemedicine platform features
  • UltraCARE Pulse notifications of operation / maintenance issues
  • Bundled e-Bridge licenses for secure messaging and sharing of 12-leads, data, pictures & more
  • D-Scribe Reporting and enhanced Forms capabilities
  • Significant reliability and speed enhancements\


CAREpoint v1.0 End of Life Notice:

November 2013

Time to plan, not panic…

It’s now been a year since General Devices introduced CAREpoint v2.0 workstation and the reception has been great.  Many customers have already installed new CAREpoints and many more have budgeted for an upgrade to the latest & greatest EMS-ED workstation.  For those who haven’t yet, here is a recap to help get you up to speed with the v1.0 End-of-Life details.

CAREpoint (v1.0) was first introduced over 10 years ago as the first computer platform version of our EMS workstations.  This generation was originally built on the Windows-NT Operating System and was later upgraded to Windows XP.  The success and longevity of CAREpoint is largely due to General Devices’ commitment to its customers through continued product improvement coupled with our UltraCARE Tech Support.  This commitment is evidenced by designed-in serviceability and the number of software releases and new features provided over the years.

As anybody who owns a computer knows, keeping up with technology is an endless chase, and CAREpoint’s brain is a computer, albeit a specialized embedded one with useful life expectancy much greater than the average PC.  Due to the end-of life for the Windows XP operating system mandated by Microsoft, as well as technology changes in hardware components, it was time for the leap to the next generation.  CAREpoint v2.0 was introduced to embrace this jump to new technology.  Among other chassis upgrades, CAREpoint v2.0 incorporates a more powerful and more serviceable PC module that is based on the Windows 7 operating system (the current standard required for most hospital IT departments).  This new platform allows for new and advanced customer requested features, like Voice Announce (Acknowledge), Remote Control, Instant Recall, and even mobile telemedicine.

Visit   www.general-devices.com/carepoint  for more information and brochures

So what does this all mean for existing CAREpoint (v1.0) users?  Like the Product End-of-Life Statement letter that was distributed last year says in so many “technical” words; that version is now at end-of-“technical” life (not yet end-of-“Product” life).   Don’t panic!


What End-of-Life means is that for CAREpoint (v1.0):v1.0 is no longer being manufactured (since Nov. 2012)

  • We are no longer releasing software updates for new features
  • Software fixes will be available on a limited basis
  • Some replacement parts will likely become unavailable as time goes on
  • Hospital IT departments will not want unsupported software OS (Win XP) on the network
  • It’s time to learn about the new features available for CAREpoint v2.0, and
  • It’s time to get a quote to submit for your budget and a timely planned upgrade


Here are some answers to common questions:

Will my unit stop working now?

No, not as a result of “end of life”.  You may continue to operate your unit, but as with any vital equipment you should take steps now to plan for upgrade & replacement so you don’t have a gap in your operation.  Remember, CAREpoint is not an off the shelf item. Each CAREpoint is built specifically for your facility’s individual needs and has a manufacture lead time of 30-90 days or more.


Are you still offering support plans?

Yes.  As of November, 2013 we are writing UltraCARE support plans through the end of 2015.  There will be no software updates and it is possible some parts may become unavailable.  We are evaluating the viability of support plans every 6-months and will inform you if any significant changes.


How can I get a quote for my budget? 

That’s easy.  Contact your local Sales Rep or contact us directly at (201) 313-7075 or info@general-devices.com or via the contact us page of our website at www.general-devices.com and we will get you in touch with a Sales Representative.  They will be able to assess your current system and discuss new features & options you will likely want.  GD sales managers are now working with MedPro Associates representatives at the local level, so if you see that name don’t fear … it’s still us and our full team behind it!


Is there a trade-in for old units?

Yes & No.  Trade-in incentives were made available for 2013 but your best bet is to check with you sales rep for currently available programs.


Can I upgrade my existing CAREpoint or do I have to replace it?

It depends.  In most cases, a replacement is necessary and desirable because you get a completely new, up-to-date system (both hardware & software).  There are a few exceptions, but only for units that are under a minimum age.

If you still have questions feel free to contact us at 201.313-7075

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