NewsCAREpoint v2.0 keeps getting better!

CAREpoint v2.0 keeps getting better!

Check out these new features – CAREpoint Remote Control and CAREpoint Instant Recall.

CAREpoint Remote Control
Do you need to handle a call but aren’t near the CAREpoint Workstation? We have an App for that… CAREpoint Remote Control lets you handle incoming calls to the CAREpoint remotely via an iPad or iPad Mini in your pocket. Full functionality and full mobility… that’s CAREpoint Remote Control.

CAREpoint Instant Recall
Didn’t quite get all the facts on that last call? Need to share the details? No problem… CAREpoint Instant Recall lets you replay the most recent calls with the touch of a button. You can even securely forward the call audio with e-Net Messenger to others. Easy review and sharing of recent calls… that’s CAREpoint Instant Recall.