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CAREpoint is a (literal) lifesaver

The CAREpoint Workstation is truly a life-saver. Thanks to a quick-acting EMS team and an equally responsive ED team at Georgia’sCartersville Medical Center, a 46 year-old truck driver from Orlando was able to avoid a potentially fatal heart attack. The vital communication link was the CAREpoint Workstation from General Devices.
Fernando Nieves, a father of 5, was working in the back of his delivery truck on a Tuesday afternoon when he began to experience excruciating pain down his left arm and in his chest. With his partner’s help, the Bartow EMS team was soon on the scene. They treated and transported Mr. Nieves to the emergency department, all the while communicating via the CAREpoint workstation and EKG transmission equipment.

Upon arrival at Cartersville Medical Center, Dr. Brett Cannon and the ED team took over and promptly coordinated care with the cath lab team, where Mr. Nieves had PCI (Percutaneous Coronary Intervention).

The total door to “flow” time: 45 minutes!

Mr. Nieves was discharged three days later, excited to be returning home to his family in Orlando.

Fernando Nieves (center, both photos) with EMS, ED team, Cath Lab team and Physicians who saved his life


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