ems radio remote control

Remote EMS Answering

Improve your communication by answering radio calls Remotely

GD enables ED staff to answer incoming EMS radio calls remotely via mobile device to ensure someone always answers the line.  Your nurses and physicians will have freedom of mobility when answering incoming EMS calls, and EMS personnel will be satisfied that their calls are answered promptly.


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In a busy ED, mobility is key.

GD CAREpoint-RC * is a Remote Control App that runs on
your iPad or iPhone to allow radio and voice call handling
when and where you need it.

Do more with less time.

> Capture revenue loss from missed calls
> Positive effects on patient care and satisfaction
> Playback prior radio call remotely
> Positively influence EMS and patient handoff
> Becoming known as “The hospital that answers calls”
> Remote quality control of the ED and EMS interactions
> Additional ROI for the GD CAREpoint Workstation

ems radio remote control

Simply Powerful

What’s new in v3.0

> Smart reconnect
> Connectivity status bar
> Updated backend libraries enhancing protocols
> Customizable alerts and notification workflow
> Works with blocked APN’s (non APN dependant)

ems radio remote control

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