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Amazon Swim: EMS Telemedicine From Tucson to Amazon

While located in Tucson, Arizona, Dr. Rifat Latifi from Tucson’s University Medical Center was “virtually present” in the Amazon basin of Peru and Brazil via General Devices e-Bridge EMS Telemedicine system. Over the course of the historic 70-day swim of the Amazon River, Dr. Latifi was able to visually observe the condition of the swimmer, Martin Strel, as well to log physiologic changes related to this extreme exercise. Dr. Latifi was able to direct colleagues on board the boat following the swimmer in emergency medical care. Streaming data was provided by a ZOLL M- Series(r) CCT monitor and communications was provide by a satellite link. The e-Bridge system, using General Devices’ new Rosetta-Go portable telemedicine and the CAREpoint EMS Workstation, is similar to what is being used in Tucson’s revolutionary ER-Link system, which is the first commercial, city-wide EMS Telemedicine system in the country.

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