Telehealth: Saving Critical Time in Acute Care

Streamlined communication & data sharing between EMS and acute care teams

Every second counts when caring for Acute Care patients. When lives depend on the speed of treatment, efficient communication between EMS and acute care teams is essential. GD’s suite of fully configurable communication solutions makes it possible to rapidly communicate patient assessments with the emergency department and ensure the right teams have all the necessary information prior to patient arrival and so much more. Through robust HIPAA-secure live video, pictures, one-touch alerts, team chat, data sharing, and documentation, the suite of solutions by GD assist EMS and acute care teams with:

  • Live ETA tracking of incoming patients 
  • Quicker, alerts and activations for more efficient patient hand-off
  • Faster time-to-treatment through streamlined workflow processes
  • Real-time communication of case to the entire team with benchmark metrics
  • Improved quality assurance with voice and data logging recording and reporting
  • Outcomes feedback back to EMS

e-Bridge is an industry-leading mobile telemedicine app that enables live, HIPAA-secure communications between and among EMS/fire and hospital teams through sharing pictures, audio, video and live streaming. It provides audio and visual alerts and notifications with real-time ETA tracking and allows 12-lead management from any monitor. With a suite of highly-configurable extensions, e-Bridge allows users to tailor its interface, alerts, buttons, workflow and more.

CAREpoint consolidates EMS communication, including forms data, 12-leads, and calls for more seamless EMS to ED communications. With the latest generation release of CAREpoint 3, it holds all the power and functionality of the fully configurable CAREpoint Workstation while making a move from hardware to software in a Solution as a Service (SaaS) Model and further enhances coordination of care with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system connectivity, remote administration with tiered user privileges, and more.

D-Scribe X Intelligence hub enables automatic recording and reporting of data for CAREpoint and e-Bridge. It empowers medical teams with secure access to all pre-hospital and hospital videos, images and voice communication, data, and reports. Case management and team and process workflows are more efficient with easier access to information for quality assurance, benchmarking, certifications, training, and legal purposes.

Streamline Communications and Save Critical Time in Acute Care

Every second counts when caring for stroke, STEMI, and trauma patients. When lives depend on the speed of treatment, efficient communication between EMS and acute care teams is essential. Download our flyer on this topic today!

Telehealth solutions that deliver superior value and ROI

Deliver better patient care with time-saving mobile telehealth & communications solutions.


Quicker and more efficient patient hand-off & faster time-to-treatment


Better preparedness for incoming patients & offer telehealth for treat in place, alternate destination and ET3


Easy retrieval of case information with timestamping, recorded audio and video and central storage


Cost savings on reductions in re-admits, activations, documentations and consolidation


Mitigate risk with securely documented communications between patients and healthcare teams


Secure archiving of communications and workflow streamlining all in real-time

Improving Acute Patient Outcomes with Innovations from GD

It is critical that someone gets medical help as quickly as possible when they experience serious health complications outside of hospital care.
GD offers strategies and telehealth solutions that reduce the time-to-treatment gap which improves patient outcomes in Stroke, STEMI, and Trauma Care.

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