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2006 NAEMSP Meeting’s System Showcase Session Features Telemedicine By CAREpoint and Rosetta

A well attended System Showcase session at the 2006 NAEMSP Meeting in Tucson featured a preview of General Devices’ new e-Bridge™ EMS Telemedicine system soon to be deployed in Tucson, Arizona. Featured speakers were Dr. Cai Glushak of the University of Chicago, Dr. Rifat Latifi of the University of Arizona, and Dr. Raymond Fowler, Deputy Medical Director of Dallas EMS. The “Live from Tucson” part of the presentation employed the e-Bridge™ EMS Telemedicine system featuring a Rosetta-VC to facilitate the transmission of voice, video images and physiologic information from a Tucson FD/EMS ambulance over a Tropos WiFi mesh wireless communications link. The information was presented on a CAREpoint EMS Workstation located inside the convention center. The interior and exterior cameras, both under full control from the CAREpoint Workstation, were able to clearly present the “incident scene” to the audience and show fine details, such as what would be needed to assess an injury or wound. The demonstration showed how the technology could be used to both document and manage a difficult patient refusing transport to the hospital. A CD of the presentation is available from General Devices.

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