Ultimate 12-Lead Management

Ultimate 12-Lead Management

12-lead ECG reports are critical to acute care, and the ability to easily and instantly access and clearly view them is imperative to EMS and EDs. With our CAREpoint EMS workstation and e-Bridge Mobile Telemedicine solution, you can store all of your 12-leads online for immediate access whenever needed. In fact, our solutions provide unified 12-lead capture, storage and management. We are brand agnostic in that regard and can accept and aggregate 12-leads from every manufacturer or system, regardless of the format.


12-lead management

Any 12-lead from anywhere to Anywhere with One-click, it’s that Simple!

No more life-saving decisions based on blurry photos of 12-leads.  That’s right!   CAREpoint is a FDA listed HIPAA compliant device that receives 12-leads directly from the monitors.   Photos of 12-leads leave too much room for error causing hospitals to lose money by falsely opening labs.  – send real 12-leads, not photos or faxes.

Get the 12-lead when and where it is needed using FDA listed means.  with CAREpoint Sharing is easy; you can store, share, and forward 12-leads anywhere with a few simple clicks or with automatic forwarding rules.  This is an improvement in how physicians receive and review 12-leads, archive, review past patients, and generate trending reports.

Knowledge is power and helps with patient preparation.  CAREpoint is simply powerful and with over 800 hospital installations and 20 years of experience in pre-hospital technologies, CAREpoint is the preferred method for 12-lead consolidation, sharing, and management.

ecg ekg 12-lead management

When you think 12-leads and Stemi think CAREpoint.