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Mobile Integrated Healthcare / Community Paramedicine

Enhance MIH-CP with GD’s e-Bridge Mobile Telemedicine.

Across the nation, many EMS agencies now offer mobile integrated healthcare and community paramedic (MIH-CP) services. In MIH-CP, EMS partners with hospitals, physician groups, Medicaid managed care organizations, hospice and home health agencies to leverage EMS’s 24/7, mobile workforce of paramedics and EMT’s to take better care of patients and reduce unnecessary healthcare spending.

MIH-CP services may include in home visits to provide health education, post-discharge follow-up or assistance with managing chronic conditions. The results: fewer emergency department visits, avoidance of unnecessary hospital readmissions, and more satisfied patients.

The live streaming ability of GD’s e-Bridge™ Mobile Telemedicine is designed to increase the comfort level of physicians and medical directors with your MIH-CP service. e-Bridge™ connects remote medical professionals to in-home patients through a fully encrypted, HIPAA-secure connection.

MIH-CP services who respond with e-Bridge™ say their overall patient satisfaction increased. Now, their non-emergent patients don’t have to wait in an ER to see a doctor, the physician or medical director is just an e-Bridge™ call away. This offers valuable savings of time and money for both patient and the healthcare system.

e-Bridge™ Mobile Telemedicine

e-BridgeTM integrates the assessment and management capabilities of prehospital providers with in-hospital providers.