Solutions ForEMS


The future of connected care is already in your hands.

Rapid advances in wireless and mobile technology allow you to move information like never before. However, you can’t share patient information on any platform, it needs to be secure, reliable, and easy. If you could stream live with a distant medic, doctor or specialist on a HIPAA secure platform to enhance decision making and patient care, would you?

While mobile telemedicine seems to be a relatively new concept, implementation is increasing at lighting speed. e-BridgeTM Mobile Telemedicine allows EMS to show physicians what they’re seeing on the scene of emergencies such as stroke, trauma, car accidents, STEMI, and burns. e-BridgeTM can also be used to improve preparedness for disaster, bio-chemical- hazmat events, or mass casualty situations.

How so? With e-Bridge Mobile Telemedicine, hospitals and command centers are virtually at the scene when the responder uses the live streaming capability of e-Bridge. e-BridgeTM users can also send texts, photos, and other data through the e-Bridge app to another user in their network, without compromising the patients privacy.

e-Bridge™ Mobile Telemedicine

e-BridgeTM enables EMS and public safety in the field to securely connect from mobile devices on scene.