With a STEMI time is muscle, so every second counts.

With Rosetta-DS™, EMS can get hospitals and physicians the information needed to make the right transport decisions, to activate the cath lab – and help to save lives. Rosetta-DS™ enables EMS to transmit HIPAA-secure 12-lead data reports from the ambulance to the emergency department via a tablet, laptop or Toughbook and cellular networks. The receiving hospital can then easily view, print and securely forward the 12-leadon their CAREpoint ™ Workstation, where the data is logged and recorded for later review and quality assurance.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Send 12-lead ECGs reports via your data network
  • Software runs on Windows-based tablets and PCs
  • Compatible with most common 12-lead monitors
  • Automatic notification of transmission status (sending, delivered, received)
  • Fully-encrypted, HIPAA-secure transmissions and password protected data
  • Logs and stores 12-lead data for later review and quality assurance

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