InnovationsCAREpoint™ Workstation

CAREpoint™ Workstation

Simplify EMS to Hospital Communications and Documentation with CAREpoint™

Emergency departments should be equipped with the best technology to ensure they’re ready for anything, and with CAREpoint™ Workstation, you’ll never miss a beat. Receive, respond to, forward, and document phone and radio calls, faxes, emails, 12-Lead ECGs, and all other EMS to hospital communications and information on one easy-to-use, HIPAA-secure, system. All CAREpoint™ data is automatically recorded, logged, time-stamped and immediately available for instant playback to answer urgent questions or for later review. Be in the forefront with CAREpoint™ Workstation.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Incoming Call Alerts – Powerful visual and audible notifications ensure all incoming data is seen, heard and answered.
  • Instant Recall – Incoming/outgoing CAREpointTM calls can be immediately replayed or forwarded to the responding medical team.
  • Remote Control – Manage calls from a mobile device anywhere on your hospital Wi-Fi.
  • InfoManager – Organize, import, save and search for protocols, PDR, HAZMAT and other important medical information while simultaneously on a call.
  • Custom Forms – Turn your paper reports into digital templates on your CAREpointTM that can be exported to your Hospital Patient Record system.
  • D-Scribe – Record, log, and archive all CAREpointTM communications, data, and custom form reports to review and analyze for medical-legal documentation or quality assurance, from the CAREpointTM or a remote PC.
  • e-BridgeTM Mobile Telemedicine – Combined with your CAREpointTM Workstation, send and receive HIPAA secure texts, photos, video clips, and live streaming video.
  • 12-Lead Management – Receive, display, print, log and forward 12-Leads from multiple systems, emails and faxes.

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