InnovationsCAREpoint™ Workstation

CAREpoint™ Workstation

Simplify EMS to Hospital Communications & Documentation with CAREpoint™


CAREpoint enhances communication between EMS, hospitals and physicians by  integrating communications, information, documentation, 12-Leads, telemedicine, and more   Carepoint-ROI-nurses-hospitals-ed    

Get 12-leads & patient medical data securely on any connected device anywhere

Emergency departments should be equipped with the best technology to ensure they’re ready for anything, and with CAREpoint™ Workstation, you’ll never miss a beat. Receive, respond to, forward, and document phone and radio calls, faxes, emails, 12-Lead ECGs, and all other EMS to hospital communications and information on one easy-to-use, HIPAA-secure, system. All CAREpoint™ data is automatically recorded, logged, time-stamped and immediately available for instant playback to answer urgent questions or for later review. Be in the forefront with CAREpoint™ Workstation.

CAREpoint-RC allows a nurse or physician to be readily available to manage calls remotely at the touch of a finger


Customizable Forms and Reports - Secure and Easy

Managing patient care in the emergency department is complex.  Integrating prehospital care and critical services like trauma, cardiology and neurology magnifies it.  That’s why you need CAREpoint.  CAREpoint improves patient care while reducing costs through process improvement by managing all EMS related activities in one powerful workstation, delivering a strong, multifaceted Return On Investment.

Improving Patient Care while saving time, money, and reducing risk




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